Viking Screws

Viking ScrewsViking ScrewsViking ScrewsViking Screws

Viking Screws are made of a clear plastic material that fastens anything less than ⅛” thick. Our Viking Screws bind something as small as two sheets of paper, and with a clear or black finish, they will look good doing it.

Our Viking Screws come in three lengths, with wingnuts that snap on for easy assembly. Whether you need ⅝” clear or ½” black plastic Viking Screws, Chicago Screws has just what you’re looking for. Fill out our order form to add our Viking Screws to your cart and get them shipped to you today! We offer a 10 percent discount on orders of more than 1,000 Viking Screws, while orders over 5,000 get an 18 percent discount.

For more information about Chicago Screws, speak with a member of our staff by call us today. 1-800-435-6623