Small Head Unslotted Plastic Chicago Screws

Small Head Unslotted Plastic Chicago Screws

Threading is 10/32

Bolts and Binding Posts for Chicago Screws offers a wide range of sex bolts, Chicago screws, and binding posts, and we have several options available for each of our products. Below, you will find listings for our complete selection of small-head unslotted plastic Chicago screws. We have several colors to choose from including black, white, and even clear. These screws have self-forming threading with a barrel diameter of .24 inches and a head diameter of .36 inches.

Regardless of the size you choose, you will receive a screw where the male and female ends are unslotted. Because they are unslotted, they are ideal for making documents tamper-proof. In fact many people prefer these screws because you can press or tape them together without threading, therefore making the entire assembly process faster.

Fill out our sizing chart below with the number of screws you need, and place your order online today. If you have any questions about these screws or the other products we offer, contact the team at!