With no limit to the ways they can be used, there's no wonder why Chicago Screws is a perfect fit for your next project!Due to their overwhelming versatility, Chicago Screws make a great fit for most DIY projects. These binding screws are crucial for many people in the medical, food, and entertainment industries. Originally created and used within the bookbinding industry, the adaptability and usefulness of these screws has greatly increased their popularity.

Also known as screw posts, sex bolts, tee-nuts (t-nuts) or binding posts, this versatile and unique product is available in a myriad of colors, shapes, and sizes. We offer Chicago Screws in multiple mediums including Aluminum Chicago Screws, Plastic Chicago Screws, and Stainless Steel Chicago Screws. If you are interested in learning more about Chicago Screws and their many uses, browse our website. We pride ourselves on customer service and quick order fulfillment. We also welcome commercial and bulk orders, working hard to ensure accuracy and efficiency with every order. Quantity discounts apply to larger orders.


Aluminum Chicago screws are very versatile non-corrosive and inexpensive. They can hold tightly as little as a single sheet of paper, or material 7 inches thick - even thicker using extension elements. Anodizing, a coloring process effective on aluminum, allows a range of bright metallic colors from gold and black to turquoise and copper.

They are used in such products as restaurant menu covers, clothing enhancers, children's book covers and many other situations where the color can add to the marketability and attractiveness of the product.


Another inexpensive, non-corrosive product. Available in black, white and clear. These screws are often used to bind documents in a more secure way than a paper clip. But beyond that they have a strong appeal in a wide variety of uses. One big advantage is that they do not have to be threaded together as metal screws do, but can simply be pressed together, (or by using a small mallet). This means that assembly time can be reduced by two thirds - an attractive labor saving when many thousands of assemblies are required.

Solid Brass

Stronger than plastic or aluminum screws, these are commonly used in horse bridles or other farming gear. Brass will tarnish but does not generally corrode, so it is widely used in situations where chlorine ions, (salt) flourish - that is in marine applications or where road salt can attack materials. Because it is non-magnetic it is often used in medical equipment like MRI machines and digital computer equipment where magnetic, (iron and steel) materials are not permitted.

Stainless Steel

A very high strength product, non-corrosive under most conditions. Silver in color - think of a stainless steel sink. Widely preferred for exterior use where strength is required. The medical industry are big users for assembly and pivots in orthopedic braces. The smooth surface is easy to keep clean of microbes and bacteria. However difficulty of machining and cost of material tends to make stainless a more expensive alternative.

Black Steel

This is a mild steel product which is then plated with black zinc. It is very popular with the leather working and hunting gear industries where it is used to produce holsters, gun slings, belts and other similar gear.

Brass plating

Also mild steel based, but much less expensive than solid brass. It is generally used in situations that call for brass coloring but are not subject to a strong corrosive location which might occur outdoors for example.

Nickel Plating

Also mild steel based, this is a brighter than stainless but slightly gray silver. Most "chrome" car bumpers are nickel plated.

Zinc plated

Again mild steel based. This is widely used for situations where a bright silver product is required. The zinc color is very close to real silver.

How to size the Chicago screws that you need.

Most situations call for the screws to be tight. This means that one should generally chose a size smaller than the work to be held together. Let us suppose that the item to be bound is ½" thick. Then a 3/8" post and screw would be ideal. A standard 3/8" post comes with a 3/8" male screw so that they start to thread together at¾" meaning that a good tight grip will occur at the ½" as the screw is tightened. This concept is especially important when binding compressible products like leather, paper or wood.

Chicago Screw Colors

AluminumA dull silver
Nickel-plated steelA bright shiny silver like a car bumper
Stainless SteelShiny silver, a little more gray than nickel, like a kitchen sink.
Shiny brassBright shiny gold
Antique brassA matte finish gold
CopperAbout Pantone 159, like a brand new penny
BronzeAbout Pantone 168, like an old penny
Metallic RedAbout Pantone 207, near the red on the Staples logo
Metallic VioletAbout Pantone 2592
OrangeAbout Pantone 138, very close to copper but a little more yellow.
Metallic GreenAbout Pantone 370, like a new grass lawn
Metallic BlueAbout Pantone 307, a royal blue
OliveAbout Pantone 385, like an olive
Metallic TurquoiseAbout Pantone 306, a little lighter than metallic blue
GrayAbout Pantone 445, a slightly bluish gray
Violet*Violet Aluminum Chicago ScrewBlueBlue Aluminum Chicago ScrewGreen*Green Aluminum Chicago Screw
Brass*Brass Aluminum Chicago ScrewBlack*Black Aluminum Chicago ScrewRed*Red Aluminum Chicago Screw
GreyGrey Aluminum Chicago ScrewOrange*Orange Aluminum Chicago ScrewCopperCopper Aluminum Chicago Screw
OliveOlive Aluminum Chicago Screw    
* indicates stock colors. Please allow minimum 2 weeks delivery on non-stock colors
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