Large Head Plastic Slotted Chicago Screws

Large Head Plastic Slotted Chicago Screws

Available in clear, black or white and in a variety of sizes, plastic Chicago screws are a durable, economic solution to your binding needs.  These threadless screws have slotted male and female ends to snap together for quick assembly and hold.

An alternative to standard metal binding materials, plastic Chicago screws are customizable to suit any project.  Many industries have seen the benefits of these versatile materials, from furniture and electronics manufacturers to office and entertainment companies.  

Our binding experts are available to answer any questions you have and to help you select the correct binding materials for your task.  Review the chart below for standard sizes, colors and prices, or contact us today for custom orders.

Colors Available: Black, White, Clear **Clear available with unslotted screws only, 1" not available in large-head clear.
Threading: 10/32" self-forming (can be unscrewed)
Barrel diameter: 0.24 in.
Head diameter: 0.54 in.