Black Colored Aluminum Chicago Screws

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Colored Chicago Screws - The Look that Makes Your Project Complete

Post Head Diameter: 0.4 in.
Barrel diameter: 0.2 in.
Screw Head diameter: 0.4 in.
Threading: 8/32

The male (screw) portion has a slotted head. The female (post) head is unslotted.
The 3/8" and smaller length posts have a HOLE in the post head to accomodate the length of the screw.
The 1/4" and 3/8" posts are available BLIND (NO HOLE). These require a shorter screw.

What does BLIND (NO HOLE) mean?
In the small sizes, chicago screws are normally drilled and tapped right through in order to let the screw bottom out. Some folks prefer not to see that hole, so in the blind version we produce posts that are not drilled completely through. However, this does not allow enough room for the normal screw so they are shipped with a shorter screw.

Our bestselling Chicago screws include the black, bronze, and brass screws. They add a polished look to various projects such as furniture, scrap booking and other DIY crafts.

These durable screws provide the finishing touch to your work. Our screws are available in a variety of sizes and ship with complimentary aluminum posts to complete the set.

The black aluminum Chicago screws look best on dark toned projects, giving your project a professional touch. The bronze aluminum posts and screws, most often used in scrap booking, can fit any binding craft or project.

Brass colored Chicago screws take projects up a notch with their bright and shiny appearance. They are made to maintain their shine under normal wear and tear. Brass screws are available in a dull antique brass and a bright gold finish to suit a variety of binding needs.

Browse our selection of colored screws to find that perfect color and tone. Our screw experts are available to help and answer any questions you may have.