Small Head Plastic Slotted Chicago Screws

Small Head Plastic Slotted Chicago Screws

Threading is 10/32

Plastic Small Head Slotted Chicago Screws
Plastic small head slotted Chicago screws come in a wide variety of lengths and range in size from 3/16 inch to 1 inch. These screws are perfect for quick assembly projects, and you can easily tape them together for a secure fit.

Small Head Slotted Chicago Posts
The perfect complement to plastic small head slotted Chicago screws, these plastic Chicago posts provide a secure way for you to keep your work securely fastened and worry free. With no threading required, these slotted Chicago posts make assembly much faster.

Small Head Slotted Bookbinding Chicago Screws
Small head slotted bookbinding Chicago screws provide document security that is easy to assemble, yet difficult to take apart. These non-threaded screws fit snugly into their posts for a one-way fit that you can tape or press together quickly but may still be unscrewed.

Plastic Small Head Binding Posts (Unslotted)

Plastic small head binding posts ensure a secure fit and tamper-proof binding for documents. The small head allows for discrete binding, while the absence of threading makes assembly a breeze.

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