Large-head Unslotted Plastic Chicago Screws

Large-head Unslotted Plastic Chicago Screws

Large head unslotted plastic Chicago screws offer durability and security with their tamper-proof design.  The secure design ensures documents remain intact, organized and undamaged, as the unslotted bindings are difficult to remove.  These large head screws snap in place easily for efficient assembly and hold strong under all storage conditions.

The unthreaded screws are ideal for all office and document binding needs, providing a safe and cost-effective solution to traditional metal screws.  Manufactured in the United States, we guarantee quality screws and timely order fulfillment.  Custom orders and options are available; contact our knowledgeable customer service representatives to discuss custom orders for t nuts and screw posts.

Take a moment to review our selection of available large head unslotted screws and contact Chicago Screws for additional information.

Colors Available: Black, White, Clear**Clear available with slotted posts only, 1" not available in large-head clear
Threading: 10/32 self-forming
Barrel diameter: 0.24 in.
Head diameter: 0.54 in.