Aluminum Chicago Screws

Aluminum Chicago ScrewsAluminum Chicago ScrewsAluminum Chicago ScrewsAluminum Chicago ScrewsAluminum Chicago Screws

Post Head Diameter: 0.4 in.
Barrel diameter: 0.2 in.
Screw Head diameter: 0.4 in.
Threading: 8/32


The male (screw) portion has a slotted head. The female (post) head is unslotted.
The 3/8" and smaller length posts have a HOLE in the post head to accomodate the length of the screw.
The 3/16", 1/4" and 3/8" posts are available BLIND (NO HOLE). These require a shorter screw.

What does BLIND (NO HOLE) mean?
Smaller sizes of Chicago Screws (3/8” and smaller) are normally drilled and tapped completely through the shaft leaving an open hole on the post or female head. This is done in order to allow enough threaded room to permit the screw or male piece to thread completely into the post. In some cases, customers prefer not to have this hole appear. If this is the case, they should order the blind version (no hole in the post). Please note that this means we must ship the post with a shorter screw as the regular screw would be too long for the available threading. In turn, this means that there is less of a working dimension in which the combination screw and post can function.

The evolution of Chicago screws
Originally, aluminum Chicago screws were ideal for bookbinding, or for paper or rug swatches. MC2 Office has evolved with the industry by expanding upon the sizes and colors available. We first began producing the screws in black and brass colored aluminum; recently, we have offered baked-on automobile finishes in any pantone color.

Inspired by our customers, MC2 Office decided to fill the demand for a versatile product by developing stainless steel, nickel/brass plated steel and plastic versions of Chicago screws. Today, we continue to add to our ever-growing line of high quality and reliable products. We find constant amazement in the endless uses for our aluminum screw posts and Chicago screws.

Some of the industries that utilize Chicago screws include:

  • Restaurants
  • Medical Prosthesis
  • Film Production
  • Food Processing
  • Architects

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