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Call us at 1-800-435-6623 or send us an email to to speak with someone regarding your next project.

We are a green manufacturer. Our machinery runs on renewable hydro power.

New Products

We are offering a new line of Chicago Screws in Stainless Steel and Solid Brass with a barrel diameter of 0.13 inches.

Click Here for 0.13 inch Stainless Steel or Click Here for 0.13 inch Solid Brass Chicago Screws



"Thank you very much for sending me the samples that I requested and more. The simple fact that the samples are made available says a lot of your company. They worked as good as in my dreams, therefore soon I will be ordering a couple of packages from your company. Thank you again and looking forward to doing business together."

Harold Gasparotto

"I have just received your order. The Chicago screw are just what we needed. Thank you very much for your prompt service."

Vanessa Koper Hanscom

"I'd like to thank you for the wonderful customer service. You go the extra mile and are friendly and comfortable to deal with. I really appreciate it and hope to continue working with you for a long time. "

John Andersson

"Just got my chicago screws I ordered a long time ago, Via Bosnia to me in Sweden, it took a while but it was worth the wait!

Very good looking product, I'm very happy I choose to have them in black!

I like to commend you on your excellent customer service, way good! Also like you to my thanks to the very friendly lady who called me and checked my visa card details, I was a bit suprised to say the least!

Ok, Just wanted you to know that I'm very pleased with my screws, I definitely know whom to do business with in the future!"

Leanne Stock
Stock Interiors & Gifts LLC

"Wow, thank you for the reply, great customer service! I am making conchos so I can attach them to leather bracelet cuffs. The brooches vary from being completely flat on back to being convex so the screw length will probably vary depending in the brooch. When I perfect the technique I would be happy to share the images, etc. By the way I have "liked" your facebook page. Thank you so much!"

Stephen Bachtell
Inventor of

HI Bob,

I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with your helping me to find the exact screw system that I needed to complete my product. It's absolutely perfect!!! It took a couple of times but you solved my problem. It has been a couple of years of frustration for me searching before you, but I don't have to search anymore.

Denny Carey
Carey Customs

Just wanted to say my screws arrived safely today. Thank you ever so much for an awesome service.

Stephen Bachtell
Inventor of

I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with your helping me to find the exact screw system that I needed to complete my product. It's absolutely perfect!!! It took a couple of times but you solved my problem. It has been a couple of years of frustration for me searching before you, but I don't have to search anymore. I also appreciated your suggestions with your product VC-3 Threadmate. It is great!!!

Jan Andersson

"Had searched for a long time after the Chicago screws in various dimensions. In Sweden, where I live it is impossible to summon up, contacted Chicago Screws who kindly sent a sample bag, excellent products and super fast shipping - thanks!

Will happily return in the future with the orders!"

Robert Klemer
American Sample Company

I just had to let you know what a great job MC2 did for me and my company. I placed an order with Jeanette on Tuesday, asking for half my order to be shipped overnight, and the balance to be shipped ground. Not only did I receive shipment confirmation, but also tracking. Not just for the overnight package, but for the ground shipment as well. I received my overnight shipment in the AM as promised, and the following day, the ground package. As soon as our employees finished with the product sent overnight, the ground shipment arrived and our employees never missed a beat. It was seamless, and all the thanks to Jeanette and MC2 for having enough stock on hand, and getting it out their door in a timely and accurate manner. Made me look good.


Thank you so much for the Awesome Service!

Best regards,

Kris Rourke

Let's start with: I LOVE Chicago screws.  I first found out about them when I was in grade school, when they were called binding posts.  My dad saw possibilities and used them for all kinds of little fixes.  When I was older, my #1 mentor taught me all kinds of ways to use them for things that had to be assembled/disassembled.  I consider them the perfect piece of hardware...

But when I mention Chicago screws, a lot of people don't know what I'm talking about.  You could probably expand your marketing inexpensively with a little creative writing -- not ads -- they're obnoxious -- but little "helpful hints" and ideas put out to crafting and sewing sites.  A little more expensively but effective: pay the cost of a booth at the various "Maker Faire" events around the country, and staff it with one or two craft enthusiasts who are already addicted to your product.  The most effective marketing tool is still called a grapevine.

I said I consider your screws the perfect piece of hardware. Almost. 

I hate to carry a purse, so I invented myself a webbing harness that I can't set down and lose.  It has pockets that secure to the chest rig, which attaches to a belt, along with more pouches. 

But stitching or riveting the pockets makes them permanent.  Sometimes I need to have a lot of stuff handy, other times I want to travel light and streamlined. If the pockets could be removed and rearranged, my harness would be perfect.  That kind of flexibility doesn't come with rivets or stitches. A Chicago screw would be perfect.  But...

A Chicago screw has no point on the screw, so the canvas or webbing would have to be punched and the holes sealed.  If I wash my harness in the washing machine, those holes can ravel and ruin the harness or the pouch.

Suggestion: why can't there be a Chicago screw with a point, that can go through woven material without cutting or punching or melting it?  I think a lot of crafters and people who make outdoor equipment would love that as much as I would.

Back to the practical world.  I'm an old woman.  Even if you decided to make that today, change takes time.  I probably wouldn't be around by the time it hit the market.  I'm wondering if you could reward me for the flea in your ear by telling me which thread size(s) you currently use on Chicago screws, in the hope that I can find a pointed screw with a matching thread.

Much thanks, and thanks to the lady who answered the phone this morning.

Allyn Boic
Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology LA

First off thank you for the extremely fast shipping, I can now finish my projects ahead of schedule. And thank you for the samples, I was reluctant to ask since my first order was so small. Now I can make a swatch board and color match more projects. I look forward to ordering more from your company in the near future.

Gary McCurdy

I received your order and am real pleased. Thank you for the sample pack, which is and for me will be future good marketing. The packaging was challenging with the tape but all good. The product will work great for me. I was impressed with the manufacturing technique of the 3/8" screws for the 3/8" & 1/2" posts, that is a smart way of containing factory set-up. I want to give a big recognition for Jeanette, she was awesome and represents your company very well and professionally. She is the catalyst for the company, can't say enough about her and your latitude of organizing an order. I wish your company well and keep up the good work. Your business will go into my personal file. Best Regards Gary McCurdy

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