Chicago Screws

Chicago ScrewsWith no limit to the ways they can be used, there's no wonder why Chicago Screws is a perfect fit for your next project!

Due to their overwhelming versatility, Chicago Screws make a great fit for most DIY projects. These binding screws are crucial for many people in the medical, food, and entertainment industries. Originally created and used within the bookbinding industry, the adaptability and usefulness of these screws has greatly increased their popularity.

Also known as screw posts, sex bolts, tee-nuts (t-nuts) or binding posts, this versatile and unique product is available in a myriad of colors, shapes, and sizes. We offer Chicago Screws in multiple mediums including Aluminum Chicago Screws, Plastic Chicago Screws, and Stainless Steel Chicago Screws. If you are interested in learning more about Chicago Screws and their many uses, browse our website. We pride ourselves on customer service and quick order fulfillment. We also welcome commercial and bulk orders, working hard to ensure accuracy and efficiency with every order. Quantity discounts apply to larger orders.

Call us at 1-800-435-6623 or send us an email to to speak with someone regarding your next project.

New Products

New Sizes are now available in Steel and Brass

We are offering a new line of Chicago Screws in Steel and Brass with a barrel diameter of 0.13 inches.

Click Here for 0.13 inch Stainless Steel or Click Here for 0.13 inch Solid Brass Chicago Screws

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