Chicago Screw Colors

AluminumA dull silver
Nickel-plated steelA bright shiny silver like a car bumper
Stainless SteelShiny silver, a little more gray than nickel, like a kitchen sink.
Shiny brassBright shiny gold
Antique brassA matte finish gold
CopperAbout Pantone 159, like a brand new penny
BronzeAbout Pantone 168, like an old penny
Metallic RedAbout Pantone 207, near the red on the Staples logo
Metallic VioletAbout Pantone 2592
OrangeAbout Pantone 138, very close to copper but a little more yellow.
Metallic GreenAbout Pantone 370, like a new grass lawn
Metallic BlueAbout Pantone 307, a royal blue
OliveAbout Pantone 385, like an olive
Metallic TurquoiseAbout Pantone 306, a little lighter than metallic blue
GrayAbout Pantone 445, a slightly bluish gray
Violet*Violet Aluminum Chicago ScrewBlueBlue Aluminum Chicago ScrewGreen*Green Aluminum Chicago Screw
Brass*Brass Aluminum Chicago ScrewBlack*Black Aluminum Chicago ScrewRed*Red Aluminum Chicago Screw
GreyGrey Aluminum Chicago ScrewOrange*Orange Aluminum Chicago ScrewCopperCopper Aluminum Chicago Screw
OliveOlive Aluminum Chicago Screw    
* indicates stock colors. Please allow minimum 2 weeks delivery on non-stock colors